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Month: August, 2019

Tricked Into an Orgasm?

I’ve never gotten my dick sucked by a woman, but I have to imagine men know what they’re doing far better than a lady in that area. I hear the guys at work bitch about their wives and girlfriends using too much teeth, or too much suction, or not enough suction, or any other number of complaints and I can’t help but think I could suck their cocks and teach them what a blowjob is really supposed to feel like.

Of course, I’m not so brazen to say so. However, BaitBus has really helped to confirm my suspicions. The premise of the site is that straight guys are picked up and tricked into gay sex. Usually, they’ll be blindfolded and think that the hot chick there is going to suck them off, but really she trades places with a guy who sucks them so good that when they blindfold is removed they realize that they aren’t as straight as they previously thought!

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