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Month: July, 2010

Hot gay cock masturbating and jizzing

He has an angelical face, skinny body, creamy white skin, and a very hot gay cock. This guy was chill on his sofa jerking off for us. He was calm and doing it the way he loves, slowly and patiently, he was moaning (not loud) and his hands softly touched his meaty penis. He played with his body and gave us some nice shots, in the end he gave us what we wanted so bad. He jizzed all over his hot body and left a creamy trace. Do you want to go there and clear it?

Gay guy cums on the floor

This guy had a very hard decision to make that day. “Should I watch T.V.?” or “Should I jerk off and cream the floor?” Well, luckily for you he went for the second option. He took those useless clothes (they suck, they’re just hiding his hot body from us…) and started to play with his meaty gay cock. At the very started he picked up a very nice toy, but then he decided to do it manually (if you understand me…). He played with his meaty dick and left some creamy traces on the floor.