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Month: September, 2010

Gay guy strips at his work place

Working too much can be stressful, and its also dangerous for your health. I told this to this hot stud and well, he luckily believed and what I told him. I asked him what he likes to do when he is alone, he didn’t need to answer this question, simply because we know what does those hot studs like to do in their private moments. I told him to forget about myself and do it. He quickly stripped his clothes and showed us his hot body, his meaty gay cock and teased us into something more.

Gay guy working out and making out

This hot gay guy was working out at a local academy, it was pretty busy at noon, but people (luckily) started to leave the place. It went empty, and the only thing we had there was, myself, my camera, and this hot strong gay guy. He teased me and well, it couldn’t end better. What I really wanted to capture was his hot gay cock; step inside and see if this hot gay guy stripped or ran away. I am just wondering how meaty and hard his cock would be if he was very aroused.