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Month: November, 2010

Gay business man plays with…

This gay guy is a successful business man, he does have a lot of fucking money, nice cars and a two million dollar apartment, well thats a very good combo. But whats best about him is that he is always horny, his busy life sometimes don’t give him free time, and he needs this free time for some you know, private stuff. For today he stopped his busy schedule and gave us what we wanted. He played with his gay cock and in the end, he gave us something very creamy, step inside and tell us what it is.

Muscular gay guy jerks off

We know that those hot gay boys loves to play with their toys when they’re alone, its normal. This stud was taking a bath and luckily he posed for us. He told us that he loves to masturbate while hes bathing, he said he loves to hot water touching his hot gay cock and it gives him a fucking boner. I had a boner just by taking a glance at this hot gay guy. Then he took some soap, and made it a little bit more creamy, watch this guy grinding his cock very hard during his bath.